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How to ... make an offer of employment

Once you have selected your ideal candidate, there are a number of steps to go through to make an offer of employment.  You will want to set out the key terms that applies to your offer of employment, including a caveat on what you will do if all the recruitment checks are not satisfactory.  In the offer letter you should cover:-


The offer of employment is usually conditional which must be made clear to the prospective employee.  The usual conditions are:-

Withdrawing the offer

From time to time you might have to withdraw an offer because the conditions you have based the offer on have not been met.  It is important to not act hastily, for example if the criminal records check shows a shoplifting incident when they were 17 and they will not come into contact with money in their job, it may not be appropriate to withdraw the offer.  Document the reasons for withdrawing the offer and keep the documentary evidence that supports the reasons for your decision in case of complaint down the line.

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