The 2018 World Cup in Russia sees 32 nations taking part in 63 matches from Thursday 14 June until Sunday 15 July. Plan ahead to minimise disruption, particularly for games taking place during working hours. Note that most England games are planned for outside normal office hours, but staff may be affected if they work shifts and some staff of course, support other teams

Key dates for England games

England v Tunisia: Mon 18 June 19:00

England v Panama: Sun 24 June 13:00

England v Belgium: Thurs 28 June 19:00

If England won their group progressed to the final they would play:

Mon 2 July 19:00

Fri 6 July 19:00

Tue 10 July 19:00

Sun 15 July 16:00

If England came second in their group progressed the final they would play:

Tue 3 July 19:00

Sat 7 July 15:00

Wed 11 July 19:00

Sun 15 July 16:00

All times are BST.

Your approach

Consider how you are going to approach the World Cup in advance.  This could involve:-

Taking positive steps to manage the workplace impact of the World Cup can have a beneficial effect on employee relations. As well as allowing staff to watch matches, you could consider:-

Beware of discrimination

During the World Cup, employers need to beware of the potential  discrimination issues that can arise. In particular, ensure that:

If it all goes wrong

By setting out your expectations and what will happen if your guidelines are not followed, you should avoid any negative behaviours, however during the World Cup, a small number of employees may misbehave, which will need to be dealt with under the disciplinary policy. Potential issues for employers to look out for include:-


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